As Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson retires from movies and shuns parties, we reveal the wild past of The Shining star who boasted of 2,000 lovers and even tried to seduce Jennifer Lawrence in 2013

IT ‘S 1pm and Hollywood megastar Jack Nicholson rolls out of bed and mixes downstairs in a grubby dressing gown to obtain a glass of milk.

This dishevelled start to his day is not the result of a night of hard partying, for which he is legendary.

Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson possessed bedding 2,000 females and hosted day-and-night, drug-fuelled celebrations at his Mulholland Drive estate

Instead, insiders state, it is a day-to-day feature of the dull routine into which the significantly reclusive and curmudgeonly star has settled in his twilight years.

Could this be the exact same swashbuckler who possessed bedding 2,000 women and hosted round-the-clock, drug-fuelled celebrations at his Mulholland Drive mansion?

Jack, 80 in April, now paints as a pastime and the lots of hours he invests in bed are dedicated to sleeping, instead of in the business of beautiful females.

Long gone are the days when he was Hollywood’s most magnetic playboy, routinely seen carousing LA hotspots with his A-list pals. Red carpet looks are a thing of

the past too. Jack now begins his days by presenting of bed at 1pm and shuffling downstairs in a grubby dressing gown to get a glass of milk

Simply seeing The Shining star out of the house is unusual enough, and when he does head out images have actually shown him looking progressively weathered and obese.

It is a far cry from his Seventies prime time when he raised hell with Warren Beatty who lived close-by and his next-door neighbour Marlon Brando– another hunk who ended up being a puffed up recluse.

Little wonder the road at one time was nicknamed “Bad Boy Own” because of the trio.

This week we told how his Easy Rider co-star and long-standing friend Peter Fonda had actually exposed Jack’s retirement from acting.

It was no fantastic surprise. The male who dazzled in 1975’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest has not made a film because 2010’s box workplace flop How Do You Know.

His just other role since turning 70 was 2007’s The Container List and he has no operate in production.

Jack’s present life is a far cry from his Seventies prime time when he raised hell with fellow star Warren Beatty

A movie insider informed The Sun: “It’s become the No1 objective for many actors and studio visit lure Jack out of retirement.
“Robert Downey Jr wanted him to play his father in The Judge but Robert Duvall took the function. They held back shooting for months hoping Jack would alter his mind.

“The current individual to attempt is Quentin Tarantino. To no obtain.”

Jack, who reportedly weighs more than 20st, has also been dogged by rumours of illness.

Jack was as soon as Hollywood’s most magnetic playboy, frequently seen carousing LA hotspots with his A-list friends

It has actually been claimed he has Alzheimer’s. Three years ago he denied reports of a forced retirement due to the fact that he couldn’t remember his lines. Jack stated he had a “mathematician’s brain” and any slowdown was a result of growing worn out of the Hollywood rat race.

The most Oscar-nominated male actor of all time (he was up for 12 and won three) added: “I’m not going to work until the day I die, that’s not why I began this.

“I’m not driven. I was owned– however I’m not, I do not need to be out there any more.

“In fact, there becomes part of me that never ever actually liked being out there. You grow older, you change.”

Jack’s next-door neighbour was Marlon Brando– another hunk who ended up being a puffed up recluse

Pals say he most treasures nights alone with a book or looking over his large art collection.

Outside a circle of largely male buddies Jack seldom entertains in the house. And no wonder– his as soon as well-known bachelor pad is now apparently rather grotty.

One visitor declared it gave off mould, with threadbare carpets, scuffed walls, dirty dishes and cigarette burns in the furniture– although there was an unframed Picasso propped versus a wall.

A buddy said: “He has a maid but there are personal areas she cannot go into. He smokes a lot so the home stinks of stale stogies, cigarettes and weed.”

The only lady around is ex- stomach dancer Helena Kallianiotes, 78. She starred with him in 1970’s 5 Easy Pieces, moved into his visitor house and never ever left.

Nowadays Jack also employs a cook, after stating: “I got tired of heading out to supper.”

The only woman around is ex-belly dancer Helena Kallianiotes, who starred with Jack in Five Easy Pieces

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The mother of Jack’s kids Lorraine and Ray was actress Rebecca Broussard

Once a passionate golfer, his appearances on the course are now uncommon. Experts state that old buddy Warren Beatty, 79, and his spouse Annette Bening, 58, were so worried about Jack’s health they recently signed him up for lessons.

Jack also stays close to actor Danny DeVito, 72, with whom he matured in working-class New Jersey, veteran music manufacturer Lou Adler, 83, actors Sean Penn, 56, and Harry Dean Stanton, 90. During their hellraising days Harry was popular for organising wild orgies gone to by Jack.

Just recently Harry said: “Today Jack paints. I saw a few of it a few years earlier. It’s good. He enjoys it. I picture it’s relaxing for him.”

Another of Nicholson’s old pastimes was cheering on the LA Lakers basketball group. Once a routine fixture at games, he now goes seldom. The last time remained in November, with his 24-year-old son Ray, likewise a star.

Jack’s kids are the most effective at drawing him out into the world.

Jack’s affair with Rebecca Broussard destroyed his long-lasting relationship with Anjelica Huston

His daughter Lorraine, 26, has actually coaxed him to an art program and a meal at trendy LA dining establishment Mr Chow. The mom of both Lorraine and Ray was starlet Rebecca Broussard– Jack’s affair with her destroyed his long-term relationship with Anjelica Huston.

He likewise fathered Honey Hollman, 35, child of Danish model Winnie Hollman, while he was with Houston.

Although Honey, 35, grew up in Copenhagen, she stated her papa had never ever been a stranger.

He is also really near his eldest child Jennifer, born to starlet Sandra Knight– the only lady he wed.

Jennifer, 43, a designer and mother-of-three, grew up in Hawaii with her mum but frequently went to Los Angeles as a teen to see her daddy. Ever the responsible dad, Jack took her partying in the Bel-Air Hotel and the Playboy Estate and had his affair with Broussard– who at the time was the same age as Jennifer and among his child’s excellent buddies.

Starlet Susan Anspach, 74, has actually long claimed Jack fathered her boy Caleb Goddard, 45, however he never publically acknowledged the fact.

Ever the Tinseltown playboy, Jack enjoyed a fling with United States model Marie Helvin

In spite of his hands-off technique to parenting, Jack has actually stated: “Kid give your life a resonance that it can’t have without them. As a father. I offer genuine love.”

An expert told The Sun: “Jack’s not the party-loving womaniser he used to be. He just prefers a select few in his inner sanctum now.

“His kids are his top priority and he enjoys socializing with them. He has a rock-solid relationship with all of his children, but apart from his daughters the only female he welcomes previous his front door is Annette Bening.”

Jack has dated some of the world’s most preferable ladies, including Kim Basinger, Candice Bergen and Marie Helvin– but his wild reputation eventually overtook him.

Once a flash of that devastating smile might beauty a lady into bed. At the 2013 Oscars, when he tried to seduce Jennifer Lawrence, then 22, that power had vanished.

He interrupted a live interview she was offering to recommend she might be his new sweetheart.

The shot of Jennifer holding her head in her hands and informing Jack he was “being truly rude” went viral and made him a laughing stock.

Jack disrupted a live interview Jennifer LAwrence was offering to suggest she might be his brand-new sweetheart

That same year Jack stated: “I would enjoy that a person last love but I’m not really realistic about it taking place. Exactly what I cannot deny is my yearning.

“I’ve had everything a guy might request but nobody could say I succeed with affairs of the heart.

“There were points in my life when I felt oddly irresistible to females.

“I’m not because state right now, that makes me sad.”

Jack Nicholson strikes on Jennifer Lawrence