< img width= "1200" height= "800" src="" alt= "oneplus-3-vs-oneplus-3t" > On New Year’s Eve, OnePlus squeezed in a couple of announcement posts to share to the world that Android Nougat is here for the and < a href="" > OnePlus 3T. Well, sort of. They revealed that they were beginning the incremental rollout of each upgrade, so you may not have seen it yet, as they do so gradually to ideally not send an update that might trigger issues for everyone. Related, however, they likewise launched a beta of Nougat for the OnePlus 3T, for those who don’t desire to wait on the stable build.

OnePlus told us to expect the Nougat upgrade for the OnePlus 3 before completion of December, so this last minute push technically provided us simply that. With that stated, we weren’t necessarily sure about the 3T’s Nougat update timeframe, only that once it got Nougat, it and the routine 3 would be on the very same schedule progressing. However, it did see the love. Likewise, if you just wish to manually flash the beta, you can do so this extremely minute.

The Nougat upgrade for OnePlus’ OxygenOS 4.0 adds the following to each phone:

  • Updated to Android 7.0 Nougat
    • New Notifications Design
    • New Settings Menu Style
    • Multi-Window View
    • Notification Direct Reply
    • Customized DPI Support
  • Included Status Bar Icon Options
  • Improved Shelf Personalization

Again, the update is rolling out to a couple of today, a few more tomorrow, then need to increase every day up until everyone has it. For those with a OnePlus 3T, if you don’t desire to wait and rather simply want to flash the beta manually, hit up this link. Anyone see that over-the-air upgrade of the stable develop yet? If so, how’s it going?

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  • 2] ddevito For those interested,

    VPN into Germany or Canada to get it now. Avoid rooting as there are way too numerous workarounds needed for TWRP right now. ReturnOfTheMack That picture makes me wince

  • … No OTA for me yet on my 3.

    I’m on the Open Bet 10 so not sure when they will offer

  • us an upgrade. On OnePlus Forums it’s extensively known to use a VPN and switch to Canada to get OTA immediately. ddevito mcdonsco That’s what I did, opera totally free VPN and the minute I set it to Canada BAM! update