Why Acting In The Thor And Star Wars Movies Was Difficult, According To Natalie Portman

< div data-id= "p3045201" data-uuid=" a36db946-f4e5-4c2b-a7bd-c12ba5d5ed3c" data-layout_partial_id= "3045201" > When it comes to significant franchise, it does not get any biggerthan< a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Star-Wars-Episode-8-What-We-Know-So-Far-101417.html" > Star Wars, with the< a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1582490/why-there-isnt-a-lot-more-of-the-marvel-cinematic-universe-in-doctor-strange" > Marvel Cinematic Universe following right behind it. Both of them are huge in scope and loved by fans, with a number of stars lending a hand to bring each franchise to life.< a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1550790/the-reason-natalie-portman-wont-show-her-kids-the-star-wars-prequels" > Natalie Portman is among the few– maybe even the only– to have had starring roles in both, having actually played Padme Amidala in the Star Wars prequels and Jane Foster in the Thor films. Just recently, the starlet opened about why recording these big blockbusters were a challenge for her. Understood for her significant roles just as much as her parts in hits, Natalie Portman when again has some< a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1567419/natalie-portmans-jackie-performance-is-audacious-exhilarating-and-makes-her-the-oscar-front-runner" > serious Oscar buzz revolving around her portrayal of a widowed Jackie Kennedy in< a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1563559/watch-natalie-portmans-fascinating-jackie-trailer-obsess-over-the-way-she-says-camelot "> Jackie. Portman sat down with< a href =" http://deadline.com/2016/12/natalie-portman-jackie-interview-the-actors-side-video-1201876966/" > Due date to discuss the movie, and the preparation that entered intoplaying America’s most well-known widow. A film like Jackie is on a completely various airplane of presence than Star Wars, and Portman revealed that it’s working with visual affects that is in fact a bigger acting obstacle to her. While belonging of those films was extraordinary to her because of the imagination it awakens in its audience (she saw that very first hand with her son), it can be difficult for her to be that imaginative while recording.< p data-id=" pNone" data-uuid=" 8910bc72-8db3-487d-9fd5-8ab4bf50ab4f" data-layout_partial_id=" None" > As a star, it resembles a completely different scale. Due to the fact that when you’re making those movies, you’re dealing with a lot blue-screen therefore much fantasy your imagination needs to be a lot

larger. It’s actually challenging for me. < img src= "http://img.cinemablend.com/quill/f/3/4/9/e/6/f349e6cd8ca29774899657dce71aff01b854ff91.jpg

Star Wars

” alt= “Star Wars” >< div data-id=" pNone" data-uuid=" 01f4df73-6b4e-4f9d-8d5c-5e7bfa5612b9" data-layout_partial_id =" None" > As in the case of the Star Wars prequels, there are circumstances where those films were done totally on blue screen sets, with little to no support to help the actors. Picture you’re acting upon a veranda with Hayden Christiansen, and you need to pretend that you’re taking a look at some kind of stunning uneven landscape when it’s really simply a blank screen. It’s not so simple to pretend that he’s the love of your life now, is it? Portman goes on to elaborate that for her, it’s constantly been difficult to determine ways to show her creativity on those blue screen sets.

< p data-id=" pNone "data-uuid= "ef9473e2-67b4-47b8-9a1f-31c4a2423f7d" data-layout_partial_id =" None" > I do not feel like I’ve gotten it. I don’t seem like I’ve comprehended it yet. And so, it is something I’m amazed by because I’m actually challenged by it more than anything practically. Because when you’re in a room that looks like a room and has all the important things a room has in it, you can interact with all that stuff, and all that things does exactly what it does in life. You don’t have to envision anything. You’re simply in the emotion of your character. When you’re doing those blue-screen movies, you need to envision whatever outside and within. You need to develop the entire world. It’s like being a kid again.

< div data-id =" pNone "data-uuid=" aa58290a-d608-4d9d-b872-76249394537b" data-layout_partial_id =" None "> That’s not to say that Natalie Portman would ever be against starring in another Thor movie. Her Star Wars days lag her, however the MCU is ripe for the future. Though she won’t be repeating her character in < a href=" http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Thor-Fighting-Thanos-Ragnarok-71853.html "> Thor: Ragnarok, she’s open to coming back as Jane Foster if she ever “determine” the best ways to show all that blue screen.

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