Column: Kristof, Crystal Clear on Curbing Conservatives

New York Occasions columnist Nicholas Kristof just lately penned a column titled “A Letter to My Conservative Pals: Maintain us accountable, however please do the identical for the charlatans who deceive you, use you and cheat you.”

Kristof doesn’t title any conservative pals, so we are able to’t make sure he has any. Nevertheless it’s fascinating to insist these buddies maintain the dishonest, manipulative “charlatans” on the conservative facet accountable. This feels like a high-quality concept. However Kristof isn’t writing from a place of power.

A Nexis database search reveals Kristof has by no means written something important in his twenty years of columns about Rev. Al Sharpton, a perennial charlatan in his newspaper’s hometown. The Occasions has routinely celebrated Sharpton through the years, regardless of his lengthy report of deceptions, racial hatred, and inciting violence.

However let’s go to the guts of his argument. He says he’s writing to “my previous pals and neighbors who imagine that Donald Trump gained re-election, who assume that face masks are for wimps and who concern that Democrats are plotting to grab their freedom.”

There are definitely conservatives who imagine Trump gained re-election (they need to have conceded by early December when the proof didn’t emerge.) Many conservatives are upset by masks mandates – and if masking was so tremendously efficient, what explains this horrid January we simply had? Cartooning skepticism as “face masks are for wimps”? These individuals can’t be “pals,” proper?

Practically all conservatives shake their head when Kristof implies it’s kooky that “Democrats are plotting to grab their freedom.” Curbing liberty is what Democrats do – until it’s the precise to defund the police, the precise to abortion, or the precise to resolve which of 76 packing containers you get to establish as your gender.

Kristof wished his “pals” to “Chill out! We liberals aren’t plotting to spherical you up in ‘re-education camps.’” He griped “Fox Information is peddling nonsense about Democrats establishing re-education camps, and {that a} Wall Avenue Journal column requested, ‘When you have been an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, are you able to enter a re-education program?’’’

It’s not loopy for conservatives to speak about liberals like Katie Couric and Eugene Robinson discussing with all seriousness the necessity to “deprogram” Trump followers. That’s rhetorical extra, and it sounds scary. Deprogramming shouldn’t be a voluntary exercise. Kristof doesn’t enable that Gerard Baker of the Journal was clearly joking about main conservatives by way of “a sequence of camps led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a staff of journalists from the Washington Submit.”    

Kristof claims he desires a “loyal opposition” and never nutty extremists like new Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. However what he actually desires is to close down the opposition’s media shops. To “dampen that extremism, advertisers ought to cease supporting networks that unfold lies and hatred, and cable firms ought to drop channels that persist in doing so.  As a begin, don’t drive individuals to subsidize Fox Information by together with it in fundamental packages.”

He then in contrast Fox to the KKK and neo-Nazis when it comes to how a lot they deserve their “megaphone.” Then Kristof went on Brian Stelter’s CNN present and added “I feel we acknowledge that if a serious community have been encouraging individuals to drink arsenic to enhance their complexion, then advertisers would desert that community and cable firms would not carry that community.”

Let’s be blunt: it’s not a mistake that simply as Biden turns into president, Kristof and different liberals are getting extraordinarily aggressive about taking down conservative information networks. They’re shaming any outlet that truly holds Biden accountable and takes liberals critically when their rhetorical extra is scary. Democrats are plotting to curtail the opposition media.

Take that, “pals.”

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