Paul Krugman Retains Getting COVID Incorrect | Nationwide Evaluate

Safetyism is the lifeblood of statism, and COVID has given folks the excuse they should without end normalize intrusions.


hen you consider each tribulation of mankind might be solved by a sensible technocratic state mandate, you are likely to see every thing by means of the prism of politics. So it goes with Nobel Prize–winner Paul Krugman, who now claims that the Delta variant spike — the one which ran by means of Britain just lately — is a “red-state disaster” with “nakedly political roots.” And by “political roots,” Krugman is speaking concerning the reluctance of sure governors, particularly Ron DeSantis, to embrace draconian shutdowns and mandates.

All through the pandemic, Krugman would write a breathless column concerning the coming apocalypse in Florida or Texas each time a

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